I rang in the New Year by being . . . SICK!

All the best plans laid to waste!

Are you kidding ME???
Are you kidding ME???

That is what comes to mind when I think about all the great plans I had for New Years 2014. Because sure enough 2 days before the ball dropped I woke up sick and just got sicker as the days rolled by.

Turns out I had a sinus infection guess that why my head felt like a beehive. Unfortunately, because I have gotten sick more in the last couple of months then in the last several years I decided to go ahead and take the antibiotics my Doctor prescribed. I hate that I felt I had to go this route.

Trust me, I know the side effects of antibiotic how it kills ALL the good stuff along with the bad. But tomorrow will be the first time I have been able worked out in 2014.

I am not going to let this setback derail me, in fact my nutrition was pretty on point the whole time. I honestly made myself proud with how nutritious and healthy I ate. Not to mention almost no panic about the lack of workout OK  maybe a little but no self sabotaging inner voice telling me I am failing.

SO now I am ready to run tomorrow with my goal written on my board, my meals all laid out and my clothes ready to go. My meals are dominated by items that will help me get back the good bacteria my stomach lining needs and I am ready to make good on some of these promises I made to myself!

I guess the reason I am writing this small post is to say that set backs even one like this short one can really just be opportunities for having a stronger plan and a firmer commitment. After all I did commit to running 650 miles this year not to mention wearing a bikini on my honeymoon.

AND if I don’t remember this in the coming months . .  feel free to remind me!

Rona                                                                                                                            Life is 10% What Happens To Us and 90% How We React To It.

P.S. My best probiotic meal so far has been homemade sauerkraut ( I used this one http://thenourishingcook.com/sauerkraut-winters-miracle-vegetable-salad/) and avocado yummy!

Life is 10% What Happens To Us and 90% How We React To It.

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