Sometimes a crappy situation …

You choose! Both the ability to Frown Or Smile.
You choose! Both have the ability to Frown OR to Smile.

This year has been great.

Some of things have turned out even better then I could ever have imagined. After almost 9 years together, I still look at Chris and think WOW. He’s the most wonderful person I have ever know.

Turns out, I would work  . . .  just so I could do Crossfit.

More impressively in spite of getting 21 stitches at the AT & T Spartan Sprint Race I learned I love obstacle races. Not only that, but I plan on doing a longer and harder one next year.

I really Leaned In to my career. I read Sheryl Sandberg’s Lean In book . . . twice. I joined not one but 2 Lean In groups. I went to a Women’s Leadership Conferences. I worked late, went in on the weekends, I volunteered for projects. I tried to be the best team player possible. Then I got my annual review and let just say it’s pretty clear we were not on the same wave length, at all.

I went home so mad that day I could barely hold (I actually didn’t) my temper. I had been so convinced that if I tried harder, went at it longer or something else, I would just BE successful and happy at my job. But I realized that no amounting of leaning was going to make this job a calling.

BUT and this is the best part of the story. I started to look at other options and outta the blue IT came to my husband and me on the same day! Why don’t I look into Physical Therapy?

So I found out what pre-requisites I needed to take to get into a DPT program.  I talked to my Boss about leaving early (at 5, so not really early but at a “normal” time), only to be told he highly doubted it, but he would ask. I even approached out HR “department” and discussed my plan. Low and behold about a week before my class was supposed to start and they called me in and propose that I go down to 30 hours, take over all the case management along with a FANCY new title and a raise!!

Ladies and Gentlemen count me IN !!!

This may not be quite was Sheryl Sandberg was talking about. But the next time I get discouraged by some of the things I see as negative, I need to remember what at first seems like a negative like a trip to the ER or a craptastic review can actually be major INCENTIVE for some pretty cool and necessary changes.

In the end sometimes it’s all in how I approach things.

The Positives Rule!!
The Positives Rule!!







P.S. Some days I just have to focus on the big picture and not what my next review might be.


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