Getting my run back!

I got this!
I got this!

I used to run. Not a lot but enough but I could call myself a Runner and I had an outlet for my stress. But I always set a ridged running schedule for myself. Then I got Plantar Flantitus and my feet hurt ALL the time and the running ended.

While I do believe that what I eat is a of bigger part in being healthy then a ridged workout schedule. I have finally realized that for me, especially with my wedding approaching, the answer in somewhere in the middle.Me VS. Me

So after much procrastination I finally saw the Doctor about the pain in my feet. Turns out I also have Osteoarthritis in both my feet but mainly in my big toes. Talk about cool huh??

Don’t ya just know it but gluten aggravates both my Plantar Flatitus and the arthritis. To boot, I am not supposed to be wearing high heels either.

So $130 later and the shoes my Podiatrist recommended are here and I am building most of my outfits around flats and I have made my return to running. Nothing big but enough to remind me that being healthy is about the big picture. Not focusing on one aspect to the exclusion the whole picture like I have tunnel vision..

Wish me luck


Why Julia Child is my hero!

Even as a kid I was fascinated with cookbooks, food magazines and shops thaA modern day Julia Childt had cooking items like Sur La Table and Williams Sonoma. They always hit me in a place that even a Chanel store did not. OK, it could have been that in a cooking store I could walk out with something.

Needless to say I have always had a fascination with food. Of course I gravitated towards baked good. They always seemed so much easier and fun. In Junior High, I took up cake decorating and I loved it. But it was also the last time my weight was not an issue for me. Since then my love of cooking has always been bound up with my issues with weight.

Then along comes Paleo and I realize focusing on main and sides dishes is fun and does not have all the baggage dessert and sweet baking does. Plus I can use BUTTER sweet, unsalted, grass fed, salted, slow churned you name it delicious butter!

Since then I have been hoarding cookbooks and reading and learning all about cooking and the actual chemical reactions between food items. Things like why copper bowls work best for whipping eggs why you don’t just add wine to a dish or that a French omellete only take 30 to 45 seconds to cook.

I don’t think that eating healthy needs to be bland or boring that in fact it’s 10x more creative then heating something in the microwave or opening a box. Just watch this delightful video of Julia Child cooking and you will understand why she is my hero and a valuable tool for eating healthy.  

Don’t you agree?

The reality of my Paleo

Smart Paleo Frog
Smart Paleo Frog

I love Paleo. It has really educated me on the importance  of eating good nutritious food. It has shown me the impact that the food we eat has on every aspect of our lives. And it has taught me the value of eating to nourish and feed my body.

HOWEVER, you’ll never see me on Dr. Oz talking about how much weight I have lost because I have not lost a ton of weight like other Paleo success stories. But my weight has stabilized. Ironically, it now not far from where it was when I spent an hour or more working out 4 to 5 days a week and eat cardboard like food. Did I mention that I was hungry ALL the time too. Not only that but I no longer worry about every calorie obsessively or the mood swings that left me feeling out of control. In fact I now go days without panicking over the little stuff I used to. Before eating Paleo I used to hate to eat out.  I always feared some fat laden meal would send me careening over the edge and I would lose myself control and blow up again.3D thief behind bars

But Paleo has helped me move beyond that and helped me to focus on being healthy first. Let’s be honest for someone who has been dieting since they were 12 years old, THAT IS HUGE. I may not be perfect and you will probably never find me in a bikini laying by the pool. But now, I actually do own a bikini and with a tank top I sometimes can be found hang out at the pool and actually having fun.

More importantly I have learned to treat food more like a helpful friend and less like a frenemy I am secretly stalking. To boot most of those wonderful mood swings have disappeared and I no longer feel like a prisoner to calorie counting, fat free monster.

I am not going to lie and saying going Paleo turned me into some svelte Goddess but it has certainly helped me come to peace with what I eat and what that means to my body and self image.

Let just say that food has now become a friend who has helped me to love and accept myself, so what if it took almost 47 years !!

I did it !!!!!!!!
I did it !!!!!!!!

Sorry . . . but it has been crazzzzy!

Bringing home the bacon!
Bringing home the bacon!

Sorry its been so long! Have a new and improved job i.e. I can sleep at night without wondering when heads will roll. Mainly mine! I am still eating Paleo but it has definitely been more of a challenge lately

I hope to work on some new spring/summer recipes this weekend. Soooo if you have any ideas or suggestions send them my way.

Until then here’s the web address of Elana’s Pantry for some spring/Passover/just plain yummy goodies.


A New Path . . . Oh yeah and some Brownies.

Opening my own door...
Opening my own door…

Sometimes, a slightly new path can really make a difference. Me, I got a new job. One where I use my graduate degree. Since graduation, I have worked in a field that is not even remotely close to my graduate work. In fact, I spent most of my time feeling useless and stupid at work.  Granted my new job’s hours are WAY longer but every day I left feeling good about myself and what I bring to the table. Far cry from wondering when my boss would throw me under whatever bus was coming next to save her Looney Tune butt.

It’s weird I only stayed in grad school because I did not want to be the person who quit grad school. Consequently, I did not really believe in myself and for almost exactly a year I let myself be pushed around at a job I really did not like and just kept trying to make my place there. Finally, like my taking care of my health and my body image, it hit me. I need to take CONTROL and make some changes on my own terms.

Speaking of on my own terms, here is a gluten free brownie recipe my sister gave me (I think she got it from Elana’s Pantry), that I tinkered with a bit and use all the time and if you ever come to my house chances are you will get this in some variation for dessert.

Gluten Free Brownies
Gluten Free Brownies

Brownies Gluten Free

1 cup almond butter ( room temperature is easier). If you only have 3/4 this recipe will still work ;o), so no worries.
2 eggs
1/2 cup milk of choice (I like coconut milk best)
1T vanilla extract
1/2 cup cocoa powder
1/2 tsp salt
1 tsp baking SODA
1 tsp cinnamon
1/2 cup Xylitol
1/4 cup “Just Like Sugar” – I think you can find this at Whole Foods or online if you plan ahead better then moi ;0)

Put dry ingredients together first and get as many lumps as you can out. Preheat oven at 350. After everything is mixed really well, pour into a pie tin or something equivalent in size and bake for about 20 minutes or so.
Personally, I prefer to use 1/2 C of Coconut Sugar and 1/4 Cup of something like Erythritol depending on what I have on hand. This recipe works GREAT in a food processor. Do not use more of Erythritol then Xylitol or Coconut sugar, it just does not taste as good and does not make up for the decreased calories. As a treat I have also put 1/4 c of Enjoys Life Chocolate Chips in the baking pan.
Let me know how it goes or if you have any suggestions ;o)

Resolution Re-boot and having a little faith.

Is it OK??
Is it OK? Or should I back up again??

Ever wonder why by the end of January those good intention and resolution look like hazy road kill come February? OK, part of it could be the barrage of Valentine’s Day candy you see everywhere. But if you are like me, maybe you got a little lost and discouraged as January rolled in.

Personally, I had to go back and look at what my actual resolutions were and to be honest I got them wrong. To make it worse I was feeling bad because it was mid-January and I was not skinny yet and that was not even on my list. But because that has been at the top of my list for years and years I was getting down on myself AND it was not even on the damn list!! Talk about beating yourself up for no reason!

Instead my top resolution was to actually to work on being healthy and positive. Which I had been doing!! To be honest I have let my craptastic job obscure some of the positive and the fact that everything besides my j-o-b is fabulous. Maybe I should have added keeping things in perspective to my resolution list. Not quite sure how to not get lost in the DAILY GRIND but I will be working on that ONE in a new resolution called job hunting.

Soooo not over it yet!
Soooo not over it yet!

Still working on the being healthier but I am actually feeling great. So working out has remained on the back burner. HOWEVER, given all the years of working out and not getting the miracle results I was promised I think holding a grudge against working out is healthy. Forgiveness may come later BUT I refuse to add that to the list just yet!

My second resolution was to find out what was causing my headaches! I can honestly say that dairy and I do not agree. No matter how hard I tried to convince myself otherwise dairy and I have agreed to remain frienemies.  Luckily, I can do goat cheese. But given that a LARGE quantity of my life has been driven by my love of cheese it could have been an overdose ~ who knows! Cheesy yes but I miss my cheese and I am still sulking over THAT one.

See I just should have had some faith in myself!
See I just should have had some faith in myself!

The moral is. . . I should just have had more faith in myself and in my own ability. Hopefully you have had more faith in yourself and your resolution are still going STRONG.


Finally a good versatile bread . . .

This was so good I had to SHARE.

My sister made this for her lunch while we all soaked in the dog show. A small slice of petting heaven for my family!

It was delicious and as I try to keep as much gluten away from a certain someone, I have to make sure it still tastes good. So the Sloppy Joe’s gracing that picture will be on the table tomorrow with sweet potato fries.

Sorry to make this so short but I swear I am working on a post about trying to keep all those New Year’s resolution  past January  . . . I cannot be the only one who has gotten discouraged?      Right????

Be sure to check out Maria Emmerich’s Blog it’s really interesting and my sister uses her a must go to source.