Podcasts I love and like.

What??? I cannot hear you!
What??? I cannot hear you!

The Latest in Paleo This my favorite podcast. Angelo Coppola in smart and professional but starts from the perspective that humans are not broken. It’s a very insightful look at health from a Paleo perspective who lots a factual evidence and scientific  research. You don’t have to agree with everything to learn something. Plus Angelo just comes across like someone you’d like to friends with.

Getting Dirty. A podcast about obstacle racing and other races. I find this one entertaining. The banter between the husband and wife team of Daniel and Laurie is great. Often I find this type of banter a drawn back on podcast but this one works for me. Laurie does a lot of races and writes for Mud & Obstacle which I love and have a subscription for.

Relentless Roger and the Caveman Doctor. I like this one because they breakdown some medical studies. It helps that the Caveman Doctor is actually an Oncologist and his kind of nonsense attitude is rounded out by the more optimistic Rodger. Rodger is a personal trainer with years of experience and a sunny non judgmental outlook.

Paleo Magazine Radio I like this one too but because it is also from the only Paleo Magazine out there he tends to like and agree with most everything everyone says or presents on the podcast. But it’s highly informative about what is going on in Paleo and a very well done podcast.

There are other informative Podcast out there. That I would give a B+ to.

Balanced Bites. I like this one and they have a lots of auto-immune, hormone and other information. If I have a specific health concern I will go search this one on its page. But because I don’t have a lot of spare time the chatter between the 2 can take away from what I can learn.

Every Day Paleo This is another popular one. Because she has kids there is a lot more focus on Paleo as a family. So a great resource for family and kid type questions.



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